Day in the Life of Axel


I filmed and edited this video in my Video Production class that I took as a senior. I decided to make a video about my dog because he has lots of energy and it is easy to capture a good video of him. I think the best parts of the video are when I use different angles to capture the same action. I like how you get different point of views throughout the video. The part of the video that I found the most challenging was get the background music the way that I wanted. I had a certain song I wanted to use, but it was a little too long and I couldn’t figure out how to cut it so that it would fit the length of my video. I ended up just using the intro of the song and putting it on a loop so I didn’t have to worry about lyrics and timing within the video. If I could do this project again, I would film more footage and get more shots that could be placed anywhere in the video. I found myself having to film more clips once I started editing, and this made the project take quite a bit longer.

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